Things old and things new.

So, I transferred over from *whispers, liiivejournal* about 7 (personal) entries.. I don’t know; I’m guessing as to the amount.  Didn’t count.. but seven sounds right and, besides, it’s my favorite number.  🙂

I, guess.. you already know “enough” about me (enough; a very relative word. You might, at this point, only have known me for anywhere from 7 seconds to half an hour).  I’m alive, I’m 18, living in NY “on my own” for the first time (to both).. I love God, people and music – and I am studying God’s word because

I love tattoos and hate pretty music.  (hate is stronger, way stronger, than my dislike goes — used a heavy-loaded word to deepen the contrast)

I like to goof off and don’t pray enough. (true)

I’m selfish, I’m broken, I’m abnormal and all of the unspoken

hurts, pains and fears

amount to fewer than those that I share.

That means, I am very emotional; complain a lot? ehh, complain is a negative, whiny, “little-girl” word.

I’d like to believe that I’m positive, optimistic, upbeat and overall a “lover of life.”

But, there’s always the “other side..” and my mirror reflection is a very dark shade of (nothing.)

The absence of color is so deep that.. there is nothing to be seen; no reason to even hold your eyes open-

because it’s empty, it’s pathetic, and it’s hopeless.

No, not a “complainer..” I just like to vent..

and journaling, is a creative, “acceptable” way of doing so.

I need say nothing else. 

Today is the tomorrow I was waiting for, and soon, it will the yesterday I’ll forget a lot about.

Some things, I will remember.. if they’re very small.

or very big.

or very horrible.

or very profound.

So, just whenever you “stop by..”

I’ll be here.  🙂 

–Aun Aqui

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Personal stories, lengthy rants, and lighthearted explosions of optimism, all neatly bundled into one blog.

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