And this is where (they) say you “grow.”

and i’m out of my comfort zone

and it’s where they say that you grow
but i just dont know.

and they say that you’ll find him out here

but i’m looking up, and nothings clear

so i’m waiting for a reason

and i’m finding, fear

   never really believed that you’d actually appear.**

and i’m fighting with the wind now

and i’m breathing really hard now

and i want to pull the sun down

and i want to make her see that now

i’m burning.

 and blood is seeping in the ground.

yeah, i’m melting.

  and i feel my heart, beat, pound.

and i’m drowning.

  yeah, i let the fire go

and you’re lying

and you know i hate it so

and didn’t i tell you so.

and i loved you once

and proceeded to love you again

you broke my heart the first time

and i hoped that it would mend

  so iiiii put the pieces together

and gave YOU one more chance

you broke me like a feather, (alittle faster,)

i shattered like a glass

and i *hate you now

and i wish i didnt feel this way

because it hurts ME, not you, somehow

and my bed feels like an early grave

[cause i regret/

everything at night

because i’m upset/

with myself allll the time.]

and i miss

all those pretty lies.

and i cant understand –

how, why?


where are you now?


am i allowed to sit this one out?

it’s so very hard to think, just plain DIFFICULT to comprehend.

and i dont like to stare into space, and to cry is to let the whole world in

on the fact, that i’m going crazy

and day by day, growing more lazy

is this the key i was meant to find?

so where’s the doorway that will take me

outside, (of myself..)

outside, (oh, i NEED your help)

cause inside, i’m constantly losing ground

slipping, sliding, ALLLL around.

and i hate standing on the outside.

i look in and see you. smiling.

and they’re holding your hand.

and you spend so much time

with people who think that i’m not good enough

and the people that say you just need to

move on, and

give up. on me.

and they are people that really dont care.

and i’m the person,

just standing out there..

hoping youll notice the pitter patter of the rain

wishing that maybe you’d sense how cold it is today

dreaming that you’ll see my tears that blend so easily with the rain

and perceive that i’m so dreadfully afraid.


dreaming that you’ll come to me, kiss all those tears away

dreaming that you’ll RUN to me, and love me with .. “embrace.”

take me in your arms,

and softly, sweetly


i am yours forever,

and these silly fears you foster

are wiped away, with all these tears

because you will always, be mine –

be mine..

please,- be mine!!..


Did I add ‘forever,’ or did you say it?

Did this happen at all, or

have I only dream it?

oh, and my tears, they fall for you..

and oh, my fragile heart- how she longs for you.

-Aun Aqui, composed — roughly, 20 minutes ago.

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Personal stories, lengthy rants, and lighthearted explosions of optimism, all neatly bundled into one blog.

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