Daniel 2. (Just, happened.)

Ahh, Sabbath.


No demands on my time, on your time..

all God wants, is what WE want from the people WE love:

time and closeness.  🙂  Time.. and closeness.

What a wonderful week it has been!

Friends, I’ve learned how to COOK!  It’s incredible.. many probably thought it would never happen, a good handful thought it could but wouldnt, and a small amount of you, perhaps, had faith that there was this hidden capacity..

well, whether it was there to begin with or it just suddenly arrived, I have a gift.  For cooking.

I’m basically a chef.

Ok, so I’m not the bestttt BUT I MADE HOME MADE BREAD!  I used my HANDS!

Let’s see, alittle wheat flour mixed with 2x the amt unbleached flour.. yeast.. cane  sugar.. olive oil, salt.. uh, ok, I can’t remember everything that went in, but, Jan and I followed the recipe (which was then in front of us) and it turned out to be just, delightful. 🙂  We also made mixed veggie soup (again, made; as in– from SCRATCH!  homeMADE! we did all but grow the vegetables). . blueberry muffins (they were a real hit).. tofu scramble (breakfast style; bell peppers, tomatoes and onions – cayenne and garlic powder).. mashed potatoes and green beens (ok, the latter two aren’t thattt impressive but even so,  it’s a practical knowledge and one that I’m grateful for because heretofore I couldn’t do any of this. shhh!)

So yes!  Aside from cooking (I promise, I’m more interesting than that, there’s abit of SPICE in my life.. haha, you get it, right?)  I enjoyed learning about Daniel 2 this week.  A quick summary for any and all who are interested*:

*Note.  This is not a quick summary.  I got very into explaining this, as you will see, and so it is VERY long winded.  Pursue reading this entry only if you’re sincerely interested, and I ask that you begin it with a prayer and, if you’re a lady, with your hat on [1 Corr. 11].  🙂
-The king Nebuchadnezzar fell asleep, dreamt, woke up and forgot alllll about it! except, that something in the night had deeply impressed him.  He was troubled.  Commanded the wise men of the kingdom to both recall AND interpret the dream but they could not; fortunately, a man of God was present, Daniel, and after inquiring of the Lord, he received both the account of the dream and the interpretation thereof.

-We’re all familiar with the symbols and figures used in the dream; an image of gold, silver, brass, iron and clay – a mountain, a stone.. well the basic “jist” of it is as follows: the image represents the succession of worldly kingdoms that occured, starting in Daniel (and King Neb.’s) time; namely, Babylon, Medo Persia, Greecia, Rome and the PRESENT WORLD (in which we now live; 1T 361).  We are in the “toe” period (look it up, Daniel 2). 

-The culmination of the vision is to take place in.. (vs 28) THE LATTER DAYS, again, ourrr time.

-The stone that smites the image and grows into a mountain, COMES from a mountain (vs 35/45).  Mountains, in scripture, represent CHURCHES.  See Is. 2:2,3; Micah 4:1-4; Dan. 9:16,17.  Exactly what church does this mountain symbolize?  It must be God’s church (His true church, consisting of commandment keeping people who have the Testimony of Jesus Christ and who follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth, Rev. 14:1-4/ Rev 12:17) that exists in the LATTER days (Dan. 2:28) and that could only be the last of the ‘seven churches,’ recorded in Revelation 2,3 (Rev. 3:17) — the LAODICEAN CHURCH, which EGW confirms represents the SDA church (T3 252-254; 1 MR 361).  Also, Lao-Dekei: “people proclaiming the judgment;” SDA church since 1844.  Represented as being in a lukewarm, SATISFIED condition; stunting growth, rejecting the holy spirit.  Can’t be “churches of the world” because they have been walking in partial darkness since 1844 when light on Sabbath was revealed and was REJECTED, and they have been floundering in the shadows ever since, falling steadily behind. 

The stone; what does it represent? In many portions of Scripture, CHRIST is symbolized by a stone, amen? (Ps 118:22, Matt 21:42, 1 Corr 10:4, 1 Peter 2:2-5) Yes, clearly, it is so.  HOWEVER, brethren, in this prophecy.. we are going to find that the stone represents something else.  What? Can a Biblical symbol have more than one meaning? Absolutely!  Turn to Rev 17:15/ John 4:14.. water in one case symbolizes “people” and in the other, the word of life.  Also, another example: Num. 21:8,9 and Rev. 12:9 – in one instance, a serpent represents CHRIST and in the other, Satan! Completely opposites! And so yes, we can see now that not only can Biblical symbols have more than one meaning, but that those meanings can, in fact, be completely opposite.  Also can’t be Christ/ Christ’s second coming for a couple of reasons:

1.  Christ is coming in the CLOUDS (1 Thess 4:17), and the stone is projected to come from the Mtn, an earthly object.

2. The mountain represents PEOPLE (established fact, see above); so the stone must represent people.

3. The stone, after smiting the image, grows into a mountain that “fills the earth.”  Christ, Himself, does not grow or expand.. impossible! Only in the person of HIS PEOPLE does He grow.  We will address the meaning of this ‘growing’ later on.

Now, we have established what the stone does NOT represent; so what does the Bible say it represents?

Well, using logic and scripture, the answer becomes abundantly evident: 1 Peter 2:2-5 (we referenced this verse earlier).  People, referred to as “lively stones;” also, the fact that the mountain represents God’s church – God’s people – proves that the stone, being a part of the mountain, is symbolic of people! In other words, the stone is in part, what the mountain is in whole: a remnant of the remnant, the “left” of Isaiah 66, the wheat, the sheep, the good fish – the purified ones, the 144,000 living saints that will be harvested in the SDA church. 

How is the stone cut out of the mountain? See vs. 45 of Daniel 2: “without hands.”  This phrase signifies that the “cutting out” of the stone (the separation in th church, of wheat and tares) is an act of DIVINITY; that it is God who does the separating, and not man; man looks on the outward appearance– but God, is the judge of character.  He sees all the way through to OUR HEARTS, to the motives, thoughts, intentions.  Also, Matt. 13:39 and TTM 47/48 “The work of separation is given to the angels of God and not committed into the hands of any man.”   A chapter that parallels this event of the stone being ‘cut out’ is Ezekiel 9!

Read vs 1-11.  We see that a destruction takes place in the ‘city’ (the church), and that those who are SEALED, are safe, whereas those who are NOT sealed are slain under the ‘destroying weapons’ of the 5 angels (who follow after the 6th angel, with a writer’s inkhorn).  What is the “seal”?  How can one obtain it? (TTM 445, 5 T 211,4 MR 251)  Sighing and crying: repenting of your own sins, and edifying, helping, admonishing in love your brethren.  Only those who sigh and cry for the abominations that be done IN THE MIDST THEREOF (in the church, in the city — not in the world) will receive the seal of God. 

IS THE SLAUGHTER LITERAL?  God is a God of love!.. yes, indeed, and His church is His most precious object upon earth, and so He will do all He can to save her.  God is a God of love, and justice.  Vs. 6 “fill the courts with the slain” 1 MR 260 “Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel.  These words will be literally fulfilled.”

Question; so, this Ezekiel 9 prophecy is LITERAL! Will it, then, take place during the 7 last plagues?  No.  There are key differences between the two events.  Open to Ez. 9 and Rev. 15/16.  You will note, after reading these three chapters, that 1.  Ezekiel’s vision contains 6 angels, with slaughter weapons, and they do their work in the city.  2.  John’s revelation contains 7 angels, with vials, and these vials are poured out upon all the earth – BABYLON (Rev 18).  No, these are separate and distinct events.  Which comes first?  Ezekiel 9! 1 Peter 4:17 “Judgment begins in the house of God.”  Amen?

What causes the stone to grow?  Rev. 7:9, Is. 66:15+, Is. 2:2-4, Micah 4:1-4 (latter two quoted earlier).. the great ingathering of saints from all nations, kindreds, peoples and tongues! The 144,000 living saints will bring them into the church purified, the “ark of safety,” as it were, where there is no sin, sinners, and no fear of the plagues (this is when the call of Rev 18 will sound forth, calling God’s people out of Babylon – a place of danger – to a place of safety).  Amen! Hallelujah!  God will manifest His power among us, exciting times are head.  Lord, I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in!

Last question.  How does the STONE, the 144,000, “smite the nations?” Are they going to forcibly hurt, destroy OR KILL unbelievers?  Are they going to purchase AK47s or bombs or buy hand grenades and swords?

No.  Remember, the story of Elijah.  He prophesied to the king that it would not rain for 3.5 years, there would be a DROUGHT.  And, it came to pass!  Did ELIJAH prevent the rain from falling?  No, it was the power of the Lord.

And again!  It is always good (and absolutely necessary, to be sure we are believing truth) to look to the BIBLE as the source of our faith, the foundation of all belief: Noah.  He preached that a FLOOD was to come (opposite of Elijah’s situation).. he built an ark and, indeed, it rained for the first time – it rained, and it poured.  Did Noah bring the rain?  Of course not!, you say.  Correct — it was God. 

As the 144,000 go forth, preaching the word of the Lord with power and force, God’s spirit will abide with them and the Lord will judge the nations.  See Jeremiah 51:19,20.  We are His battle ax, using the “sword of the spirit.”

And so brethren, my prayer, is that we have gleaned much light, encouragement, and a sense of urgency from this study.  We are in the latter days.  God is going to purify His church! His fan is “in His hand,” and He will “thoroughly purge His floor.”  Are you ready? Am I ready? For the day of the Lord is near, and “who shall be able to stand?” (Malachai).  It is the great, and the dreadful day.. great for those who have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb and dreadful for those who have rejected His mercy, His grace, His love and His truth. 

Let us pray that we are daily sighing for our own sins, and crying for the sins of others.  Let us remember, the servant of the Lord bids us that unless we are willing to DIE for someone, we shouldn’t be reproving them. What is our motive? How deep, strong and selfless is our love?  How great is our devotion to God? Let us do our best, and then, let us be better.  Amen!


That was long winded.  Wow.. well, it appears that I’ve learned quite abit!  What a great way to refresh the memory and to instill truth into the mind.. repetition.. “line upon line, precept upon precept – here alittle, and there alittle.”  God is good.

Goodnight, beloved!

-Aun Aqui

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  1. I truly enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to see what else you will post on here…great idea!

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