A picture that is better than, I dare say, ALL the rest.

And this blog post is entirely devoted to this one capture.

Love Affair, by Copeland.

And I would have driven all the way, the whole 2 hours, to NYC, justttt for this one take.

There is just so much that could be said,

so many facets to this photo that could be pinpointed and analyzed..

the boy’s stare, the finger pointing – at the right, toward the left,

the mother’s smirk, the father’s large hat,

the girl’s look of condescension,

the young man’s skinny jeans..

the way he is able to walk past the family – just being confident, free, him,- and not stare,

and the phenomenon that she can’t do that. 

I’ll just let you enjoy this.

I’m not even going to TRY to explain a thing;

it’s all right there in front of you, and me.

Photography, by me..

and how awesome is God.  I had to take this from the car and didn’t know it would turn out..

well, so great.  So perfect.  Everything about it.. even the timing, was dead on.

That’s what changed everything.

-Aun Aqui

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Personal stories, lengthy rants, and lighthearted explosions of optimism, all neatly bundled into one blog.

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