“Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.”

“Careful now.

You’ll hurt yourself..

Careful now,

you’ll hurt someone else.” –Copeland\\


The last words I ever heard from David:

“Get your life right with God before you ruin your own life or someone else’s.”

I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s life..

I hope I’m not hurting anyone at all –

emotionally, spiritually, physically..

but I guess we can’t ever be completely sure.

It’s been on my mind recently.

EGW says that, we sooo underestimate the import of what we say and do..

that we give it a moment’s notice buttt that it’s consequences, it’s influence (our speech and conduct),

can make such a profound, long-lasting impression, like we wouldn’t believe.

That’s why, the more Christlike we are (which comes by “beholding;” by spending time with the one we desire, so strongly, to emulate), we won’t have to worry about “guarding” ourselves around people.. ie, censoring the natural us.. “I would usually say this but, wont in his/her company”.. or “Hmm this is something I probably SHOULDNT find funny or amusing, so, I’ll pretend it disgusts me..” and just, whatever. The list goes onnnn and on.

I don’t like being two faced, and I don’t respect PEOPLE who ARE (two-faced)..
who pretend.. who fake it.. who

put on a show

and let the world smile, smile and nod.

who put on a show

and start believing they

really aren’t messed up

when they completely and thoroughly



So the 59th GENERAL CONFERENCE of Seventh-Day Adventists!

What’s it like, what’s it like..

Well, it was interesting.

The air just.. breathed of being “important, urgent, official, momentous,” and


Really, .. I don’t know.

I’m not even going to say anything, because I know NOTHING of politics and religious organization.

But to me.. all of the technicalities of it.. of sects, divisions, and branches/ denominations of Christendom.. just seems, ridiculous.. unnecessarily confuddled.. too programmed. I mean..

I don’t know. Boundaries, consistency, a clear standard, a united front, goals, strategic “planning..” is all good..

but I don’t know. Religion is just too debased sometimes, torn apart and layered.. too shadowed by.. formality, and business, and blehh.

See, I told you I don’t know anything.

Moving on.

The conference was being held in a hugeeee auditorium (usually rented out and used for sporting events.. I’m guessing basketball, since that’s one of the only indoor sports). There were THOUSANDS of people there, just THOUSANDS! It was incredible. I know it’s good to keep your eyes closed while praying.. (right? isn’t it? well we all seem to believe it’s proper and fitting. why? I have my reasons for believing thus.. that yeah, at some times, during certain prayers, it is good to keep your eyes closed.. but why do YOU think it’s so customary?) but.. I just couldn’t resist opening my eyes afew times, to just, take in the scene: thousands of Adventists, with their heads bowed, eyes closed.. faces deep in concentration.. ahh, it was nice. But, there was so much noise. The boisterous and crowdy flow of people entering in was constant.. a just, never-ending stream.. and so, there was really no point in which total peace and quiet prevailed – no no, it was very far from such an atmosphere. But that’s ok!

Anyways.. about 30 minutes before the close of the morning program, me and my classmates (or, my classmates and I, I don’t care – whatever floats your boat) headed out to the car to retrieve the lit-filled boxes. We walked aways and “pitched our tent” (purely expressional; there were no tents involved, not even one.. only boxes, with their contents, and us–human vessels, workers).. and yes, began passing out literature! cds, magazines.. all of it filled with present truth: The connection between Obama and the papacy, Daniel 2 study, the woman of Revelation 12, the 144,000, found in Revelation 7, the purification of the church recorded in Ezekiel 9, a “Thy Kingdom Come” study on last day events and God’s purpose for His church, Zechariah 6 “The Great Paradox of the Ages,” “The Latest News For Mother” on Hosea chapters 1 and 2, and so on.

There were many people who were either indifferent or receptive – yes, this class composed the majority. There were, however, afew who were somewhat.. rather.. rude;.. unkind, impatient, unwilling to reason or “give you the time of day..” and there was maybe ONE “staunch” opposer:

A gentleman who walked by afew times, calling out random insults.. “Deception, deception!”.. and who eventually stationed himself about 15 feet away from where we were standing, on the opposite side of the road, and who stopped groups of people and WARNED them, as they were approaching us, to refuse anything we were offering to hand out; that we ‘weren’t Adventists.’

The funny thing about people like him.. is that they refuse to sit down with you and discuss why, from the Bible and SOP, you are “sooo wrong.” They will talk up and down about your error, scream at you day and night, spit out the meanest insults and blurt out the strongest and most passionate reproofs and condemnations, .. but all without reason, without kindness, without sincere regard.

It was.. abit irritating, really, although I manifested only a kindly christian patience and love towards him.. my classmates and I were completely unoffended, not frustrated, and not upset.. it was honestly, just silly.

Dont you have something BETTER to do with your time,

kind sir?

These people, need to study for THEMSELVES. Your investigation, and findings, conclusions, and prejudices, – whatever — will help them in NO way. Stop standing IN the way, as the Jewish leaders did in CHRISTS day. They “entered not in themselves,” and those were seeking to enter in, “they hindered.”

Anyways. I’m all about personal.. studying..

I mean, if you’re following “man” – meaning, any human; minister, family or friends – you are certain, sooner or later, to be misled. It’s just bound to happen.

For you to NOT study something, for reason that a certain someone has TOLD you not to OR WARNED you that it is falsehood, treason, unscriptural — “wrong..”

would be just as reasonable, as for you to

ACCEPT for doctrine/ in faith something that THEY say “is” true without YOU confirming that the saying is so. See?

Ok, yes.

Moving on..

It was a lovely day. Passed out a lot of “stuff..” praying that the Lord will guide all who read or listen to the material..

it was hot out. Atlanta, is a hot state!

But thank God, the wind blewwwwww at us.. (yes, so strongly, that a couple sisters lost their hats momentarily – – the cherry toppings just went flying right off their heads! beautiful).. and it was soothing, cooling.

And this evening, Jan and I made, spaghetti.

We’re more seasoned, as lady cookers, everyyy day.

Ah! I was also reunited with my beloved this morning! Jose had Charlie transported in the TRUCK from NY to down here, and I picked him up from the house the brethren are staying in. It was so great.. just, taking him out of his case and reconnecting. I sung quietly to myself.. didn’t intend for anyone to hear or listen, but, Brother Nephtali and others seemed to enjoy the musical sounds, so,


Going to sleep now.. after I brush my teeth.

I just had to let you know I was going to (clean these pearly whites) —

didn’t want you thinking I was gross or anything.

-Aun Aqui

oh, PS. I think, again, religious people are just so crazy sometimes. That’s a “duh, everyone knows thaaat” statement,

but really!

Yes, today was Sabbath.

Ok, beautiful, wonderful, glorious..

and Brother STANFORD, after realizing we had run out of toilet paper, in the afternoon, said we’d just have to wait til sunset to buy more – a fresh supply. … sunset, here, is like 9.. PM.

Ok, listen.

I’m all about BIBLICAL Sabbath observance, but COme On! Toilet paper, is a necessity. Don’t be silly. Luckily (rather, fortunately) we did find a.. “roll..” (I abhor speaking of any and all things bathroom related; major phobia) of it here around his (absent; out of town) sister’s house.. but just the principle of it, kind of bothered me.

Also, two more things:

Jan and I have been reproved twice now for not wearing a head covering during our prayer at meals. I think that it’s unnecessary. Yes, we’re admonished, in Corinthians, that women SHOULD wear head coverings when praying or prophesying.. but I wouldn’t consider, thanking God for a meal, as.. a real “prayer.” I dont know; thoughts..? It seems trivial, legalistic, to go out of one’s way to put a hat upon their head for a 5-15 second ‘thank you..’ but, than again, to be fair, is it not recorded in the Bible that Abraham’s faithfulness in the “little things” was accounted to him for righteousness? Where is the middle, folks?

Where is God, in alllll of this?

And last of all.

Jan and I wanted spaghetti for supper (and the insignificant detail has resurfaced, reappeared, once again!)..

and Brother Stanford said “Well, you’ll have to cook it after sunset.” … since when, has filling a pot with water, turning the stove on, and throwing, tossing, placing, dropping dried noodles into it been

“heavy labor?”

Pharisees.. would have bothered me.

Keeping it reaaaal,

-Aun Aqui

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