(May)be: success, more success, and delightful expectation.

Good news, great news — yes, friends.. I am overflowing with JOY. 


Having been told, previously (and multiple times),that speaking about affairs at work isn’t a good idea, I’ll be as vague and brief as it is possible for me to be.

Last Thursday, I had the surprise of my LIFE.  In short (I’m really trying..), I was called into the office and offered a full-time position as a teller.  More hours.  Benefits.  (Joy.)

I accepted, tearfully.  The initial, overwhelming shock having worn off, I have warmly embraced my new career, and I intend to learn more than ever, pursue more knowledge than ever, and develop more SKILL than ever, so that I can properly handle these heavier responsibilities and weightier trusts.


For the past 4 weeks, I have walked Bruster around the block, holding his leash in one hand and gripping my cell phone and our mailbox key in the other.  Everyday I’ve checked our little box for those lusted after GED test results, and everyday I have walked away – disappointed, vexed, and impatient.

Tuesday (yesterday), I was walking Bruster on my lunch break.  As usual, he was pulling me this way and that, and I was returning his pulls with stronger pulls in my direction.  Sierra was talking with me on the phone, and I was making my way – quickly and determinedly, my purpose not to be thwarted – to the mailbox. 

“Well,” she asked, after a moment of silence has elapsed, “is it there?”


I was shocked.  It’s finally here?  I marvelled.  I.. can’t believe it! I’m..



So terrified, in fact, that upon returning home, I placed the sealed envelope onto our high-top table and wrote a little note, sticking it on top.  It reads as follows:

“We will open this tonight.”

This was to my mother’s dismay.  She’s as impatient as I am (or rather, I’m as impatient as SHE is), and having to wait to hear results that she shared an almost equal amount of interest in displeased her and unsettled her.

Yes; I walked away, locked the door, and drove back to work, leaving those precious little results lying carelessly on the kitchen table.  I was too scared to do it alone.  And my thought was this: if I DID fail (as I expected I would), I would rather have my cry-session after I’m done working for the day, rather than have to go to work with a heavy burden, pathetically concealed, on my heart.

Regardless, once I had returned to work and casually mentioned that I had received the results in the mail (and to quick inquiry responded that I hadn’t opened them yet), my co-workers insisted that I have Chris bring the envelope to work and open it.. then-and-there.  I assented, he came, my heart fluttered, my hand.. might have shaken alittle..

and I passed. 

GREAT news.

I receive a score of 800/800 on the written essay (the portion I had felt the most comfortable with and confident about) – in other words, a graded 99.  I also received a 99 in language arts, a 98 in science, a 92 in history (the section I expected flunking out on) and an 88 IN MATH (that came as a surprise; math has always been my “strong point”).  Regardless – the results were pretty positive, the score was fairly decent, and I was both relieved and pleased.


In 39 days, Christopher, Bruster and I will be on our first annual (first ever) 5-day vacation, driving in our old, black jeep, all the way down to Tampa, Florida.  We’ll spend three days in the sunny state (the other two we’ll spend driving), visiting my family and resting both our minds and bodies.  Work, while necessary and even, sometimes, enjoyable, takes it’s toll, and one must take a break from it every now and then.

I’m very excited about it.

The past week has delivered three wonderful tidings.

And maybe, tomorrow, there will be a fourth.

I’ll be heading over to Jefferson State Community College in the morning to begin the long, hair-splitting process of applying for admission.  I’m going prepared — with all of my identification, tax papers and personality.  Tomorrow morning will be my last official, mid-week “off”day (as I’ll be considered “full-time” from henceforward, starting next week), so I’m wanting to get everything school-related “out of the way” before my schedule is packed and inaccessible.

Two side notes:

During the past week, I have spent days sorting through the thousands of pictures that I’ve taken in the past year and that have been stored in “my passport” (an external hard-drive I bought from Best Buy last year).  Finally, after hours of input, I concluded the search with 574 chosen “favorites.”  I sent an e-order in to Costco yesterday evening for just that many 4×6 prints.  I also drove over to Michaels and purchased the two royal brown, floral-imbedded albums I had set my heart on (I had spent afew days pricing/ comparing and this set was by far the nicest).  The first album, which is large, can hold up to 400 photos, and the second, smaller, has a holding capacity of 200 photos.  Both are otherwise identical.  It’s perfect, because I plan on adding to the 574 photos (currently being processed) afew photos from our upcoming trip to Florida and afew also from our annual FNF camping trip (that we’ll be enjoying in less than two weeks).  These two events will conclude the album, “Our First Year.”

By the way, that was the second “side note.”

Chris and I (along with BRUSTER) will be heading to Mount Cheaha with our Bible study group (FNF) for a “fun and fellowship” filled weekend outdoors.  We’re camping.. and it’s going to be awesome.  Vegetarian food, Bible study, hiking, swimming, picture taking, fire-side stories and relaxation all await us.  A couple from church is lending Christopher and I their extra tent + sleeping pads, and that’s a blessing; we didn’t have either, and it would have been an expense we might not have been able to afford and one that would have prevented our going.

We’re pretty booked this summer.  Between the camping trip this month, our Florida vacation next month, our anniversary trip to Tennessee in July and the two weddings we’ve been invited to, we’ll be staying busy, making happy memories, and enjoying the weather.  

We live in a beautiful world

(Yeah we do, yeah we do)



Aun Aqui

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