Simply put: the photo blog of a camping trip.



FNF (my youth group, Friday Night Feast: check out for details) drove (in many cars — those of us who could car-pool did) to Mount Cheaha Friday night and began a 3-day camping trip.  Our group opened the Sabbath with a worship service, consisting in singing, praying, a Bible reading and ensuing discussion.  Meals (including Friday night’s dinner) were cooked and served in the fresh, open air – primitive like – using modern, portable grills (or “griddles”).  Sabbath (Saturday) was spent in hiking to (and jumping off of) a waterfall, talking about and discussing the Bible, eating delicious, organic, wholesome, campfire-cooked meals and enjoying one another’s company.  I took lots of pictures.





















As can be clearly seen – we had a WONDERFUL time camping this past weekend at Mount Cheaha.


The only part that sucked: Chris (excuse me — we) forgot the pillows, so we slept, in our little blue tent, on folded towels.  We also anticipated no cold weather (dude.. it’s MAY) so we didn’t bring a blanket (only a small, narrow, thin, brown fleece).  Our feet, froze.  No amount of tossing, turning, cuddling or fleece tugging (it was a war between us, from 10 pm to 5 am when the sun FINALLY rose and liberated us from the dark cold) could warm us.  So we ended up leaving Saturday evening, after a day of fun, and heading home — back to “normal life.”


It was a great experience, and Bruster behaved himself very well.  Everyone seemed to enjoy playing with him (especially our friend Moose).  He had an awesome time and didn’t bite/ injure in any way/ kill anyone!  There was that ONE time when we were on the trail and a little toddler strolled over to stare at him.  It freaked him out — and he growled, approaching the infant slightly.  The mexican mother yelled “WHY isn’t that dog on a leash? IT’S THE LAW!”


“Sorry, ma’m.  Why was your kid staring at my dog?  Was he never taught good manners, and polite behavior?  I’d growl if someone was looking at me so oddly, too, were I a DOG.”


But yeah.. one-night, one-day camping is the best.. or was the best for us.




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