Stop being such a princess.

This is going to be so innnncredibly short that you won’t BELIEVE that it was actually me who blogged it.

I’ve seen quite a bit of nonsense on Facebook as of late (which really isn’t unusual), but some of it might sound familiar to you.  Just picture pictures of girls:  Girls looking into mirrors, wide-eyed, absent-mindedly applying lipstick..  a girl on a bench, hunched over, holding something heart-shaped (she’s obviously sad).. a girl from the waist down, wearing booty shorts.. and two girls, wearing hats, making the duck face together.  Stupid stuff like that.

And here are the “words of wisdom” attached to such photos we call memes:


Guys: you might be ignoring your girl while she’s talking, but another guy can’t wait to hear what she has to say. 

Guys, while you’re being super mean and ignoring her, another guy can’t wait to give her his attention.

Guys, when she says “text me if you want,” it means “I want you to text me.”

Guys, don’t tell her she’s hot.  Tell her she’s beautiful.

The list goes on, literally, for hours.

And I’ve passed the point of being sick and tired of it..

I’m done with it.


I realize that while I grew up climbing trees, catching lizards and drinking out of a milk jug in the livingroom while doing exercise videos with my brother, most other girls sat down in chairs and on cushions in pretty, pink rooms, playing with barbies, baby dolls and cute little sized-down models of houses, castles and boutiques.  They combed fake blond hair, pretended to change diapers, and wore frilly, itchy, uncomfortable princess dresses that came with wands, a crown, and a clutch, too! 

They learned to be domestic and beautiful.  They grew to understand that terms like “precious girl,” “adorable little lady” and “perfect little princess” referred to them. They came to expect absolute adoration, allegiance and devotion from males.  They felt delicate, important, cherished. They were basically brought up to believe that they are “the shit.” 


Without being vulgar, that’s pretty shitty.


Guys are important, too, and that’s my point.  I don’t have a problem with girls feeling beautiful and important and wanting to be adored.. that’s fine.  The issue comes into play when girls expect to take all of the love, affection and sweetness that adoring men offer and want to give nothing in return.  It’s a two-way street, ladies.  My own husband has casually told me before that Valentine’s Day is “only for girlfriends and wives.”  I don’t think it’s supposed to be that way.  Whichever sex you are, you deserve attention, appreciation, affection and thoughtfulness.  I mean every human being.  Not just girls, and not just women. 

So how about it! Rather than waiting anxiously for him to text you all the time, or surprise you with a gift, or ask you out to dinner, or do the dishes or whatever, do it yourself!  Do it for him!  Make your focus making him happy, and then he’ll be all the happier to make you happy.  This is not a “means to an end” sort of thing where you do “thoughtful stuff” to get something in return.. your motivation should be love.  Adoration.  Devotion to him (just like he’s all those things to and for you).


My conclusion sentence is going to be so intensely abbreviated and short, you’re going to just sit there for a minute and stare, like is this really over?

Here it is.


A princess does not exist in the real world, and if she did, she wouldn’t be a happy, healthy princess without a corresponding prince, so stop consuming all of the love, affection and kindness in the world soley for yourself and start justly dishing it out you stupid, self-centered, thoughtless biotch.


Sincerely, not a princess.

Aun Aqui

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Personal stories, lengthy rants, and lighthearted explosions of optimism, all neatly bundled into one blog.

2 thoughts on “Stop being such a princess.

  1. Everyone needs to feel important to someone, and I don’t know why we all keep forgetting that. Thank you for this reminder, Aun. Well written, and true.

  2. you are my soul sister Aun. I have always thought that each person should be accepted and understood for the individual that they are and not based on their sex, attractiveness and personality. I don’t like small talk and never did quite get the hang of trend dressing or make-up artistry (is that a word??). Everyone is in this world on an equal basis and we would be so much better off if we could leave out all the surface crap.
    You are so expressive and your imagination and intelligence are out of this world!
    I love reading your blogs and am really glad that Christopher came up with that solution to your dilemma.
    As the Grateful Dead would say; “Keep on Truckin……”
    I love you.

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