Whoop De-freaking Doo.

That was my literal first thought this morning when I, as is my custom, turned over in bed, snagged my phone from the nightstand and pulled Facebook up for a surface-y morning “check.” 


Following is an accurate portrayal of the duplicating and multiplying statuses that I read:

“OMG 2014 IS HERE, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! 2013 was great but 2014 has even better things in store for ME!”

“Well another year is behind us and <insert some words that were intended to be deep and insightful here>”

“Imma lose weight and eat healthier and Imma get my life back on TRACK!! 2014 baby!!”


Andddd there were name changes like:

“Mary Jane is now Mary makingchanges Jane”


and then there was this one, repeating, witty, inventive post.. my favorite..


11:59 PM Status Update: “SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR.. HA!…”



I grunted, locked my phone and tossed it onto Chris’s vacant pillow. I’m just going to give this a few days to die down.

I mean, it was all upbeat, positive mumbo jumbo, nothing to fuss at really, but each year, this happens to me. I get all flustered and irritated by the big “celebration” that takes place because a “new year” has arrived. Is is just me, or does it all just seem silly and completely and totally pointless?

So a number has changed. 1/4 adhesive, conglomerated numbers, actually, so 25% of a single number. We elected to have a 365-day calendar a long time ago, and other than their function of record-keeping time, 2013 and 2014 are essentially separated by nothing. Let that sink in. There is nothing magical that happens between 11:59 PM one year and 12:01 AM the next, other than some kissing, clashing of glasses and a big ball dropping in New York. In some instances, people die in DUI car wrecks and people hook up who should have never been together on this “grand, universal holiday..” annnnd then, in other buildings, cars, homes and fields, great and new memories are created and party hats and vegetable trays see better sales. But what’s the big deal in all of this?

2013 was, personally speaking, a great year. A remarkable one, even.. I can’t deny it. Chris and I completed another 5 college classes with A’s, bought and renovated a house, adopted two baby bunnies and paid off all of our credit cards. We have every reason to be grateful and to celebrate and to declare, boldly and optimistically, that next year will be even BETTER.. even more eventful and prosperous and exciting. But I don’t necessarily need all of that.

Our lives are pretty simple and full of love, warmth and happiness, and for now, I’m enjoying the quiet evenings and the smooth sailing of it all. Big, grandiose life events can be thrilling, but even in my short time of “existing,” I have learned that big, grandiose life events can also be devastating.. incredibly devastating.. and if it isn’t half and half – even speaking as an optimist here – big events are usually the ones you didn’t anticipate and wish fervently that you could take back, undo or delete forever.

So I prefer to live under life’s radar.. beneath the very wings that Time, Fate and Chance fly with. In a dark zone; a blind spot.. where no great good or terrible evil befalls me or the family that I love (I’d include “friends” here as well, but, same as always, the idea of having friends is more real in my mind than the actuality of having friends.. and I’m talking about OLD school friends here — the ones who call and visit and give a shit; friends who “like” pictures and “lol” at you on the internet are a different breed, a different sort).

So, whoop de-freaking doo. 2014 is here, long at last! That’s fine.. that’s cool.. but let’s all just take a little chill pill about it. But seriously though – putting all hoopla and goofiness aside – I’m truly happy to be alive and I am incredibly, fiercely grateful for my family, my pets, and my home. If nothing else, New Year’s Eve and Day can, I suppose, be good and favorable times for a person to really step back and evaluate them self.. and, on a lighter note, to congregate with the people they like, or love, or like to party with. It is what it is.


I would touch on resolutions here, but, I’m not really making any. I picked my yoga routine back up two months ago, lost ten pounds of chub that I didn’t need, and I’m a vegetarian who has worked her way down from having 3 desserts per day to 1 (orrrr, more accurately, 1 1/2). My goals for the new year are simple and the same as always and the same as everyone else’s (I’m sure): to do well in school, take care of my mind and body, to be a better person in all aspects and to pursue happiness through safe and ethical and reasonable avenues. Maybe I’ll even stumble across a meaningful friendship or two along the way (and, of course, I always quietly hope that an old one might rekindle.. but that’s for three years and counting now, so I’m not exactly holding my breath on that one).

Oh! and before I forget, don’t forget to book that gym membership asap and remember to ask for a rewards card at your local health food store. No really.. I’m serious. I’m not making fun of your resolutions and this is not an insensitive jab at all.. I assure you. I’ve worked at a health food store in the past, and the business they do in January is nothing to laugh at. I’ve also been to a gym before.. that elliptical is no joke either. 


And as a final disclaimer, I truly love, admire, and appreciate my internet friends and sincerely wish them all the best in their resolutions and celebrating. “Mary MakingChanges Jane”: you go girl!


2014.. man, I can’t believe it!!



Aun Aqui


PS Since you made it all the way through this terribly uninteresting rant, here’s your prize: a picture of my buns!! Aren’t they fantastic? Beauty bunssssss



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