Orbiting Around “Other”

Similarities and shared interests can provide a great platform for bonding, but as you create bonds, beware of also creating this insane entity of “other” which belittles and maligns people and so easily closes off the doors to understanding, friendship, and mutual appreciation.

Then I woke up, alive.

Don’t just passively live.. live actively. Pursue your dreams, fight for your own happiness, seek out adventures and, if it doesn’t really come to you naturally, muster the motivation, draw up the drive and summon the courage to create a good and comfortable and exciting life for yourself.

“Boy or girl?” It’s a wrap.

I am fundamentally me. I am not constructed out of words; I am not built upon categories, layered with adjectives, or glued together by labels. I am – in this lifetime, at least, and – I hope – in the next one.. gender neutral. Androgynous. Free.