Something Old, Something New

Today, a 24-year-old, wearing a raggedy, old NASA t-shirt and dingy gray Vans, purchased a home. This same 24-year-old looked across the table at their very best friend in the world and thought: If I wasn’t gay, I would have spent forever with you.

Remember me?

I meandered down the street.. noticing the girls, noticing the boys; noticing them noticing each other and wondering who and what I was, exactly. I discovered that I was content with the answers “human; alive.”

A Constant State of Suspension: My Changing POV

I’m done pouring concrete into the recesses of my mind; awkwardly hammering thoughts into place, and putting glass memories on display atop cold, metal shelves. I’m keeping things fluid; soft and slippery and in a constant state of suspension. I’ll entertain this idea for a bit right now, and then we’ll see what comes of it later.

I do.. NOT

Use your time discriminatingly. Allocate your funds wisely. Bond yourself with others cautiously, and paint your world with the most beautiful colors.