Unique and The Same: “…Jesus? Is that you?”

Regardless of your gender, sexual preference, citizenship, religious bias, social status, income level or political views.. you’re a carefully crafted tangle of flesh and blood. A weighted mix of fierce and vulnerable; a wise blend of potential and limits. You are, all at once, beautifully unique and exactly the same.

The people in my head: “Mr. Yarbrough?”

Life was white-washed, glazed over and, while pleasant, fictitious. It read like fiction. The best way I can describe it: I felt like my spirit was constantly hanging half-way outside of my physical body, and I couldn’t figure out how to reel it back in and contain it. I couldn’t contain it because I wasn’t familiar enough with its true character to recognize it, and I definitely wasn’t open-minded enough to accept and welcome it for who it was.. and it knew that.