Aun Aqui?

About Aun Aqui:

She’s a self-published author living with some friends and a pair of German Shepherds in Birmingham, Alabama. She likes writing stories, playing music, snacking on burritos with guacamole and sipping on caramel pumpkin spice lattes.



About me: 

I took a Spanish class in the 7th grade and adored it.  I quickly began memorizing verbs and nouns and infinitives, and I learned that, by playing around on Google Translate, I could turn some of my favorite English phrases into beautiful, Spanish expressions.

I liked that there were various (and even conflicting) connotations and feelings embedded into the phrase “still here.”  I discovered that, in Spanish, the phrase was “aun aqui.”  I was thirteen when I fell in love with this expression and now, more than a decade later, it is an even more fitting description of myself.  So I took it, years ago, as my own.  I have it tattooed on my arm. It’s my ghost name.

As you peruse my blog, you’ll notice that I’m a simple person.  I like to critique and fuss, but I’m generally optimistic.  I’m long-winded; I draw stories out in galactic proportions and I’m far too detailed in my recollections, but I enjoy the process of reliving the moments that impressed me, terrified me, and caused me to change direction.  I’ve been let go of, and I’ve also had to let go — of people, places, ideas, beliefs and things.  I’ve been used and tossed away, but I’ve also been loved and cherished.  I relish feelings and practice my passions and pursue purpose and meaningful relationships in life more than I do anything else. I enjoy the little things and make a pretty big deal out of them.

I’m glad you stopped by! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Enjoy the journey,

Aun Aqui
(aka Jace)

8 thoughts on “Aun Aqui?

  1. Came your way via James Jay…just in case you missed my comment on his blog:

    “…And to aunaqui–I am about to start up again at the age of 41–you’re never too old for ballet. If you can’t find a class, search for the VHS/DVD “Balletcise” with Marguerite Porter. EXCELLENT for beginners.”

    1. Hi there, nice to meet you as well Debra! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Will you be attending the Barnes and Noble kickoff party? Its behind the Galleria (Riverchase) this Sunday and starts at 7. I plan on stopping by.. sort of excited to meet other local writers. Best wishes to you in your writing endeavors! Aun Aqui

  2. As usual your writing is beautiful and touches me to my soul. I don’t want to nag at you, but didn’t I hear some rumors about a book? I will try to be patient!

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