She wrote a damn book!

Aun Aqui self-published her VERY FIRST NOVEL in August 2017, and you can snag your very own copy by clicking here (yes; the book IS available on Amazon, which is INCREDIBLY cool, but the author would prefer that you follow the link suggested when purchasing the novel. Unless you’re interested in obtaining the e-book version… in that case, go for it). 🙂


“Hang on a ding dang minute,” you interrupt. “What’s the book called? What’s it even about?”


Excellent questions! The novel is called Jinx the Rabbit, and it is the endearing “tail” of our hero, Jinx the Rabbit, and her hero, Caldwell the Fox, embarking on a magical and unforgettable adventure. The story is equal parts funny and heartbreaking, and it contains 27 of the most wonderful illustrations in the world, fantastic originals sketched by the talented and whimsical Charlie Pittinos.




Soooooooo buy the book, read the story, fall in love with the loveliest characters, AND support an indie author; QUADRUPLE WIN!


🙂 Love,

Aun Aqui