i don’t want you to…

I was too a. confused and b. caught off guard and c. SCARED to say anything at first but finally mustered: “I don’t want you to…” BECAUSE I DIDN’T!! Hence the bar thingy!

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the real trick of it

After I had laughed and cried and gone off for a while, I just sat there, petting the dog. The tears felt cool on my cheeks now and they weren’t coming anymore. 

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Spice Girls: “When four become one…”

Friday Night Our homes were like ships, and all of them had started to flood. We knew the flooding was going to continue for a long time and that it would, inevitably, ruin and end us. All we could do, really, was watch it unfold with interest while waiting for even more bad things to […]

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Dreams and Signs and Shepherds

It’s like beginning to get better after you’ve been sick for a while; your appetite’s only halfway there and walking up stairs makes you tired.

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Dream Chronicles: “You and me and the weird mango chili”

I dreamt about you last night. I was in our old apartment with my new best friend. It was dark outside, and although no one had knocked, I had the feeling that someone was standing outside the door, waiting for me. I opened the door, and no one was there, but when I leaned my […]

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Letters to Melissa, Overtime, and Serving on “the floor.”

It’s hard to just painlessly “move past” a wall you’ve painted on for years. You scribbled, stenciled, white-washed, smeared, colored and beautified it.. it was something unique, original, and beautiful – something very “a part” of you, because it expressed so MUCH of you..

and that is who she was.

How can I walk away, without taking a picture?
And how can I leave with a picture, and not take a look at it every once and a while?
How can I look at that picture, and not still see it’s beauty..

and how can I see it’s beauty, and not want to return?

Aun Aqui

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