April Rools: breathing simple air

A short update, for the sake of continuity in chronicling my 18+ life experience. I present to you, the conclusion of a month: April Rools.

Aun Aqui

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Consulting my mind, and understanding my perspective (just exploring, and writing “it” out – yesterday, weeks ago, and next November). Dogs, houses – school and candy.

  into the arms of make-believe, you find your solace there cuddled in a hazy inbetween, like you hardly know you’re there   -Aun Aqui 1/7/2011. This is just a streaming entry “of the present;” not copying anything I’ve written down in the past week.. nothing old, this will all be new (unless I decide […]

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“Wednesday,” and what that means; CB, Panera, teaching class, grocery shopping, and sanitation buckets. (Why can’t I just strum and sing?)

Today is Wednesday. At Cracker Barrel, that means that a herd of elderly folk will be rushing through the swinging wooden doors to claim their personal, weekly chicken pot pie (with which comes no sides, because the vegetables are IN the pie). At Panera, that means garden vegetable with pesto soup is available and is […]

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